“English and Creative Writing teacher Kathryn Dow’s first novel The Great Disappointment is, in fact, no disappointment whatsoever. More magic than magic realism, this is a novel of teenage angst and resiliency, a runaway tale, a novel within a novel, and a clear and poignant peek into the world of a Midwestern college English program…” Read the whole thing here: http://necessaryfiction.com/reviews/TheGreatDisappointmentbyKathrynDow

Thank you Nancy!

It’s here and ready to be read. In all Digital Formats, from Foreverland Press.

Kirkus says: “Dow’s ambitiously imaginative debut novel questions the very nature of reality… [a] diverting exploration of metaphysical concepts. Winsome and smartly playful.”

Yes, okay, I’ll take that!


Because of the enthusiastic response to their “Coming Soon” announcement of my new novel, The Great Disappointment, last week, Foreverland Press has decided to give the ebook away (free!) between now and the official publication date (9/9/12). All you have to do is email them (foreverlandpress[at]gmail[dot]com) and they’ll send you a PDF of the book, to print or send to your favorite e-reading device. And sure, go ahead, tell your friends!

Find out more here: http://www.foreverlandpress.com/?page_id=63

Thanks, and enjoy!



My first novel, coming soon!

The Great Disappointment: A Confession

After being kicked out of her home by her mother, 17-year-old Mollie Mifflin travels from Nowhere, New York, to the home of Emily and Deacon Molene in Brevity, Iowa. Emily is the author of Mollie’s favorite novel, Forevermore, which tells the implausible story of a pair of goblets that will grant any couple their fondest shared wish. Over the summer, Mollie insinuates herself into the Molenes’ lives—cooking and cleaning, and otherwise making herself indispensable to them—even as they are unaware that she has made their attic her home.

After the Molenes meet John and Sarah Steele, a successful but unhappy young couple, Mollie begins to blur the boundary between reality and fiction, coming to believe that the Molenes have used magic goblets to exchange bodies with the Steeles. Is it possible that Mollie’s suspicions are correct, or is she merely a very troubled teenager? And if this fantastical story is true, is it too late to undo the spell?